‘The Bourne Stuntacular’ Virtual Sneak Peek Happening Tonight Ahead of the Attraction’s Official Opening Tomorrow

While the park is open, there are still safety measures to consider, since the coronavirus is still around. The Bourne Stuntacular “follows the character of Jason Bourne around the globe as sinister characters pursue him. He dangles from a helicopter in Dubai. Bourne Stuntatcular

The Bourne Stuntacular is set to officially open tomorrow, but if you can’t head to Universal Studios Florida, you can still partake in some of that sweet stunt action. But I do give Universal points for understanding that they can’t operate like everything is normal right now. He’s pursued on his motorcycle through Virginia. These procedures mean that our show capacity will be limited and wait times may be longer than usual to experience the show. We have also increased our already-aggressive cleaning procedures and will continue to   sanitize high-touch surfaces   between each show. To ensure proper social distancing, we have implemented new procedures in our indoor theaters, including appropriate spacing between travel parties and providing assistance to our guests with seating and exiting the theater to avoid congestion. Will it have the same effect? They even have the following guidelines for the attraction:
Across the destination, the health and safety of our guests and team members continues to be our top priority. You don’t just watch it. There are fistfights, shootouts and danger at every turn. Everything fans have come to expect from the action-packed Bourne film franchise – thrilling chase scenes, punishing fistfights, death-defying leaps and danger at every turn – will happen right in front of guests with live performers, high-tech props and an immense LED screen, making it impossible to discern where the live-action ends and the cinema begins.”
Sadly, it looks like Jeremy Renner’s   Aaron Cross and his chems from   The Bourne Legacy are both being left out of the fun. During the   Stuntacular, viewers follow Bourne “across three continents as sinister characters pursue him, hoping to bring him in. All guests are also required to wear a face covering while experiencing The Bourne Stuntacular. The actual Stuntacular includes   automated vehicle tracking systems, pinpoint-accurate projection mapping, and more, and I’m just not sure how cool and exciting that’ll be via a YouTube link. He’s chased across rooftops in Tangier. Posted on Monday, June 29th, 2020 by Chris Evangelista

Universal Studios Florida is currently open, and earlier this month, they held a soft opening for   The Bourne Stuntacular, which promises “a cutting-edge fusion of stagecraft and film” featuring a stunt show designed around the   Bourne Identity franchise. You feel it.”
I wonder how all this cutting-edge tech will play out virtually. With that in mind, Universal is hosting a   Bourne Stuntacular virtual sneak peek tonight. A virtual sneak peek will arrive tonight, June 29, at   7:00 pm EST.