New Video Shows Off More ‘Mandalorian’-Style Filmmaking and It’s Still Mind-Blowing

However, this small crew and that mobile screen suggest that this isn’t solely the tool of massive film and TV productions. It certainly seems that way. Illuminating day playing with mandalorian style tech at the new Rebellion Studios. Posted on Friday, July 31st, 2020 by Jacob Hall

Disney and Lucasfilm have been pulling back the curtain on the making of The Mandalorian and it never ceases to be impressive. The show’s “stagecraft” technology, where a rear-projected LED screen creates a reactive real-time environment for a film scene, is nothing short of mind-blowing, representing a whole new avenue for filmmaking in the years ahead. Future now? A new video shows the tech in action on a smaller scale, and it’s equally impressive. Live CG 3D backgrounds with active parallax etc. Are we looking at a future where television shows, commercials, and even small films can use this tech to create worlds and locations previously thought impossible on a more modest budget? Cinematographer Eben Bolter, whose credits include HBO’s Avenue 5 and the BBC’s The Woman in White, shared a video showing this new technology at work. Honestly, it’s probably better for you to click play on the video below rather than listen to me try to explain it. Filmed at the U.K.’s Rebellion Studios, the video finds a small crew simulating a scene where a man walks through a subway car using only a screen projecting a live CG background. But this tech is not limited to major corporations and major productions like the first live-action Star Wars TV series.
— Eben Bolter BSC (@ebenbolter) July 30, 2020

This is filmed on a much smaller scale than The Mandalorian, which uses massive screens inside a giant studio space to create its sci-fi locations.