Groundbreaking ‘Mandalorian’ Virtual Technology Will Power New Studio in Spain

Variety reports that top Spanish producer   Adrian Guerra is opening Orca Studios, a new virtual production facility in Spain that will use the same LED volume technology employed by ILM for its Stagecraft system used by   The Mandalorian. And already foreign production studios are taking   The Mandalorian up on that vision. The virtual technology will allow filmmakers to go to locations, shoot them in HD, and display them on an LED wall — lessening the need for big crews to set up massive location shoots or build big sets. The Stagecraft technology, whose rear-projected LED screen essentially works as an immersive real-time green screen, has been hailed as the biggest technological advance in the entertainment industry since the green screen. ft.) soundstage to project virtual LED backgrounds that can adjust and sync with camera movements — a technology used in game-changing scope with   The Mandalorian, which shoots half of all its scenes, exterior and interior, in the Stagecraft virtual studio. And with coronavirus precautions limiting crew and overseas shoots, we can likely expect this technology to be used by many more production studios in the future. We can likely expect more studios to be built in this fashion and take advantage of the Stagecraft technology that   The Mandalorian   and ILM helped to pioneer. The studio will use an Unreal video game-style engine in its   600 sq. The photorealistic environment, which reacts to the actors as they move, will make it easer for productions to limit the crew on set per pandemic-enforced precautions like social distancing. A new Spain-based virtual production facility, Orca Studios, is installing the same game-changing LED volume technology used by ILM on its Stagecraft system for   The Mandalorian. Orca has developed its technology with the support of Epic Games and Kinolux in Spain. It’s a technology that will be infinitely more attractive in a post-coronavirus landscape, with the film and TV industry struggling to return to normal amid the pandemic. Posted on Wednesday, June 3rd, 2020 by Hoai-Tran Bui

What will the movie industry look like after the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic? The technology often requires a lengthier pre-production process, but it’s far less work than building an entire set digitally and matching it to camera angles, or building an actual set. meter (6,500 sq. Disney+’s   The Mandalorian and its cutting-edge Stagecraft system, which uses a rear-projected LED screen to create a reactive environment, may give us a vision.