AMC Theatres Reopening Delayed, Will Now Open on July 30

In a statement,   Adam Aron, CEO & President, AMC Theatres said:
“We continue to devote extraordinary resources into our plan to operate our theatres with a hyper commitment to the safety and health of our guests and associates, notably in the United States through our new AMC Safe & Clean initiative. And while I continue to hope movie theaters can get back up and running again, I find it very hard to believe that a few more weeks are going to magically make everything better. started working full time again today and are back in their theatres gearing up to get their buildings fully ready just a few weeks from now for moviegoers. The plan was for AMC to start reopening its circuit on July 15, as both   Tenet and   Mulan were set to arrive next month. Meanwhile, Cinemark has announced a new date as well: July 24, although that news comes with a long list of theaters that are still not quite ready to get up and running again. You can see the list here. Will that hold? As a result, AMC has pushed its reopening date to July 30. Our theatre general managers across the U.S. That happy day, when we can welcome guests back into most of our U.S. AMC Theatres were planning on reopening on July 15, in time for the big release of Christopher Nolan’s   Tenet. Coronavirus cases continue to spike across the country, and we’re still a long way off from a vaccine. Which means there are no big blockbusters lined-up for July now. theatres, will be Thursday, July 30.”
As of now, the Russell Crowe movie   Unhinged is set to open on July 31, which will make it the first new movie to play at AMC Theatres – assuming both dates hold. Then   Tenet moved to July 30, and then moved   again, to   August 12, 2020. Or will we be right back here again in a few weeks? And so did Disney’s   Mulan. Posted on Monday, June 29th, 2020 by Chris Evangelista

Here we go again. Then   Tenet moved its release date (twice). Mulan followed suit, with Disney pushing the release date to   August 21, 2020. Maybe it’s time for movie theaters and Hollywood to accept that the summer movie season is beyond salvaging at this point. With no big movies to screen, AMC has now pushed their reopening to July 30. We all saw this coming, but now it’s official: AMC Theatres have delayed reopening until July 30.