The representative of the Iranian company spoke about the possible supply of drones to Russia

“The US hit Iran much harder”

One of the hallmarks of this year's Army Forum is the broad participation of the Iranian military industry. An MK correspondent visited the stand of an Iranian company that, among other things, produces unmanned aerial vehicles, and asked its representative Nayafi Pour Davood about the possibility of selling drones to Russia.

Photo: Fars Media Corporation.

– Our drones are known for their high quality, so they will be an ideal item to export to your country. Which manufacturer will refuse another buyer, especially an entire country? If our states conclude a contract with each other, we will be very happy.

– Many Iranians are happy to establish relations with your country. Together, Iran and Russia are a much bigger force. That is why the Iranian people are very enthusiastic about the idea of ​​supplying our drones to Russia.

– Of course, this also cannot be ignored. True, to be honest, we believe that the United States hit Iran much more painfully than Russia. You have not been banned from exporting your most important resources, but our situation is much more difficult.

Earlier, the media reported that Russia ordered a thousand drones from Iran.

In 2022, in total, forum “Army” delegations from 70 countries arrived. Many organized their expositions.

Meanwhile. As part of the Moscow Conference on Security, Deputy Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation Alexander Fomin spent August 16 in Patriot Park near Moscow. negotiations with the Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Ali Mohamed Abdollahi. Generla Fomin thanked the military and political leadership of Iran “for the special dynamics in the development of relations in the military and military-technical spheres, including despite the numerous sanctions that have taken place over many, many decades.” In turn, Brigadier General Abdollahi noted the commitment of Iran's top leadership to the development of comprehensive cooperation with Russia.


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