Sophia Sapega’s lawyer told how the trial of the Russian woman could end

Contact with Sapieha and Protasevich was lost in October

Russian Sofia Sapega can count on pardon after the trial. This “MK” was informed by her lawyer Anton Gashinsky. Earlier it became known that the Investigative Committee of Belarus is ready to bring charges against Sapieha under the article on inciting hatred, she faces six years of imprisonment. The case may go to court in January.

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“Sophia is under house arrest, it is psychologically difficult for her, and she is depressed,” lawyer Anton Gashinsky told MK. Since October 20, the girl has been in her parents' apartment in Lida, where she is registered. At the same time, her family was forced to move to the country. Despite the fact that they are allowed to visit their daughter, contact with her was lost in October.

According to a number of media outlets, citing their sources, on December 3, the girl was summoned to the Belarusian Investigative Committee. Now the department is ready to bring the final charge to the Russian woman and bring the case to court. Sapieha's lawyer, in a conversation with MK, admitted that his client could count on a pardon, but only after the verdict was passed. “There are chances. She has a pre-trial agreement, “Gashinsky said.

Let us remind you that Sapega was detained in May together with the ex-editor-in-chief of the opposition Telegram-channel Nexta Roman Protasevich after the forced landing of a Rayanair plane in Minsk. Later, she admitted that she is the editor of the Telegram-channel “Black Book of Belarus”, where the personal data of the Belarusian security officials are published.

As for Protasevich, he was previously accused of three articles at once: organizing actions that grossly violate public order, as well as organizing mass riots and inciting social enmity. According to Roman Protasevich's lawyer Inessa Olenskaya, the last time she met with her client was at the end of October. “If he needs to, he can meet with the defender at any time. He knows about this, but has not yet expressed such a desire. The last time I saw him, Roman was feeling pretty good. I was planning to get vaccinated against coronavirus. I don't know whether he succeeded or not, but he considered this option, “Olenskaya told MK.

MK spoke to political analyst Alexander Klaskovsky about the fate of both detainees:

– For the Belarusian leadership, Sapega is an opportunity to bargain with Moscow. There have already been such cases. Here we can recall the arrest in 2013 of the general director of Uralkali, Vladislav Baumgertner, who was not released for a long time. It is clear that Sapega is not Baumgertner and not “33 Wagnerians”, but her story also has a political dimension. I think the verdict may be harsh. But then, under some pretext, as a result of a pardon or extradition, she will be released. It will be such an allegedly noble gesture on the part of the Belarusian leadership. The capture of Protasevich and his girlfriend brought Lukashenka a lot of trouble, and he would like to receive some dividends.

– I think that he will not be severely punished. Protasevich publicly repented, praised Lukashenko, and in exchange for this he could be promised some kind of leniency. It would be illogical for the authorities to punish him, since they need to show that after the enemy of the existing system kneels down, they forgive him and do not hurt him. This is such an example for others to break someone else and win over to their side.


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