Purple Germs – Hold Me Down Calypso lyrics

Not long ago – I could travel in time
Dressed like a king – Yet covered in grime
We’d bring a gun – to the scene – of a crime
Just to prove [We’re ready]
Licking the land with slobber and drool
The Cyclops wins….[The Cyclops rules]
Eat or be eaten – we had to try
We sharpened a stick – and we took out his eye

[Next Batter Up!]
Gimme the pitch – It’s a bitch if your body don’t give me the itch
[Next Batter Up!]
I see what you did there
[Next Batter Up!]
No need to have a dress that’s hollow
[Next Batter Up!]
Leave it alone on a night when the dog and the parents are home
[Next Batter Up!]
Sneak out alone on a night when the killer has knocked out the phone
[Next Batter Up!]
I see you have confessed you’ll follow

[Hold me down Calypso]
One of these things just doesn’t belong here
[Hold me down Calypso]
It’s the comfort zone – no… nothing grows here
[Hold me down Calypso]
It’s strikes me odd that there’s nothing strange
[Hold me down Calypso]
It’s been 7 years, and nothing’s changed

Call me a leach – Call me a fool
I’ll lounge by your fire – and I’ll swim in your pool
A horse walks into a bar – with a pig – and a mule
[Just to see if you were listening]
So many days – adrift on the sea
I happened on you – [You happened on me]
You said your name was Mitzi Dupree
Just to see [If I was listening]

[Coming Right Up!]
Live in the kitchen – and put on the chicken – oh give me a bite!
[Coming Right Up!]
You see what I did there
[Coming Right Up!]
No need to have a quest so narrow
[Coming Right Up!]
Run through the woods he’s a killer he’s crazy – aww – run for your life
[Coming Right Up!]
Run through the woods to get home while the neighbor gets on with your wife
[Coming Right Up!]
Let’s see who has the sharpest arrow

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