Mayestron – Too Late lyrics

Baby girl you know the time that you told me
I know that I will never forgot it
I know that I ain’t tripping (triple, triple rorah)
Look you told that you ain’t wait
Look you told that you gonna wait for me
But I can’t believe that you cheat (oh my God)
But look this time I heard that you cheat (bitch)
But look today you told me that you cheatin”
You bad bitches I don’t like cute faces
Coz all of the them they such strippers (stripper)
You know I don’t play with the strippers (stripper)
All this is so settled (wheeh)
All of them such virus (virus)
I don’t like no hoes (hoes)
I don’t like no bitch (bitches)

But baby girl I still like you (love you)
But baby girl I still need you (need you)
But all time I still have dream of
But come back baby girl (yeah)
That I still need you (need you)
Baby girl, baby girl (yeah)
You know that I still like you (like)
Remember that I promise I’ll give you (give everything)
Remember that story I told you (told you)
That was my really story (story)
I know that you don’t want me (yeah)
I know that you don’t want me (yeah)

Baby you know that you’re only (only)
You’re only one I trust (cruh cruh)
You know I don’t like no one (shkushkuu)
I just need you this time
Each time I start tripping
I know you’re the one who calm me down
I don’t know what to do each time when I cry
I don’t what to do each time when I’m alone
Come on baby girl, come closer baby girl
Each time I cry (cry)
You know there is time that I’m gonna say this gonna be late
I know baby girl stop playing around
It last time that I got say this shit
You gonna take me like a joker
You know I don’t like joking around
Come on baby girl

Come on baby girl, I don’t like no joke (joke)
Each time when I think about you
I don’t like no playing around with you
I just wanna take shit really
Come on, baby girl, baby girl
When I keep this picture with me
Just like dream came true for my future life
I don’t like to hear it no more
You wanna me to go on my knee
I ain’t have tripping no more
Each I gotta this shot I don’t have no where to go
Without you I can’t live no more.

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